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Who we are
Scott Palmer
Owner/operator, Scott Palmer
Nippon2U is a Japan based export car company. We specialize in exporting high quality sports and luxury vehicles. We have access to over 50,000 vehicles per week through our membership of various auctions within Japan.
What we offer
AuctionWe buy on spec so you the customer get the car you desire specifically to your requirements. All cars are supplied with auction report and service history. We organize all shipping and transportation thus saving you money. Our prices are very competitive and we aim to buy the best car for the best price. If you wish to come to Japan and hand pick your own cars at the auction this service can be arranged.


What to do
Contact us for more information concerning current auction prices, our commission, freight times and payment details. Or, if you would like references to companies and private individuals that have purchased vehicles from Nippon2U this information can be provided.
Affiliated with TGB Unique Imports, located in Sydney, Australia.
TGB Unique Imports
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